Almost True


It wasn’t hard to see why Cadence gave up on love after all the losers, stoners, and dimwits she’s dated, but honestly, it’s not all their fault. Cadence can’t commit and she’s the first to admit it. When her most recent relationship turns toxic, she confides in the only friend she trusts to give her the straight, hard truth… Tucker Finnegan. Told in alternating NOW and THEN segments, Cadence struggles to overcome her fears in love, learn from her past, and open her eyes to the only person who might be able to convince her true love is real.

Release date TBA



Ten Almost True Facts About My Boring Love Life

Prologue – then

8 years earlier

The sun was hot but it had nothing on the way he was looking at me right then. Thick swirling irises, deeper than I believed they could ever be, watched me from under lowered brows. He was all tall angles and strong features. All arrogance and left-over entitlement from the doorway of rotating girls whom he never talks about. But being a senior high school athlete doesn’t just open those doors, it politely slides the bolts from the hinges and removes the door altogether.

“What did you say?” The shock was clear in my voice as the wind carried it back to him over the dusty, baked landscape.

We both stood still in the middle of the busiest road in our small city and even though he was a good ten steps away from me his features were as clear as if we were toe to toe. Features that were completely off limits to me, and for more reasons than his reputation.

“I said I like you.” His hands dug deeper into his pockets. “Like, actually like you.”

I let the wind blow my thick dark hair across my face, hoping it hid some of the hiccuping emotion inside me.

“Tuck, I-” I started but I wasn’t sure where the sentence was going. I like you too wasn’t an option, no matter how much my stomach rolls and dances when he’s close. I don’t like you, is a lie.

I didn’t know it then but I was having one of those moments where everything in my life was about to change. Drastically.

Tucker Finnegan had altered my life and my fate that day, but to the fifteen-year-old-me, I didn’t understand. To the fifteen-year-old-me, I was simply choosing between sex and friendship.

Because with Tucker Finnegan I knew I couldn’t have both.


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